Dienstag, 31. März 2009

Future Plan

Standing on the last day of my first year PhD (except the holidays back in Berijing, as I started on the 1st of March 2008), I am excited to design my future plan.

Once upon a time I was asked to illustrate the plan in 5 and 10 years, until then I did not realize that I do not have a real dream. To buy a house, to form a family, or to have a dog, they were all on my list but I have never tried to order them.

My goal is clear: to set up my life in Germany, favorably in northern Germany, especially in Hamburg, where my heart resides nearer my Raute and my soul can be washed by Innen Alster from time to time.

To achieve this, after my three-year PhD, I must find a job within one year to first get my long-term residence. I am somehow confident that one of my bosses would provide me a position in Germany so far I am interested, however I would use these offers rather as Plan B, when I cannot find a (good) job in industry. I don't want to hide my preference to industry, but my publication records will show that I will also be a good scientist whenever I am working.

Considering my background and interest, my job hunting will target either (1) pharmacological industry, like Bayer, Roche, to work as R&D. There maybe I will work with what I am expertised at (R, bioinformatic data integration, microarray analysis, NGS) (2) software developer, favorably in the field of C#/.NET and Java (since I use them in my projects), although I am also trained for C and C++.

Bearing this in mind, my orientation during the doctorate time is clear (1) acquire a very good to excellent publication record, which helps in bad case (2) keep contributing softwares (in multiple platforms, Java, .NET and R) and data platforms (at least two websites), which are visible and impressive results in job hunting. (3) keep in contact with people in the academy as well as industry, they will help at some time point.

About the doctorate time, I don't want to be too hurry but neither do I like to waste time. In principle I will get the main body of my dissertation by the end of two- and half years (end of 2010). Until then, the number and quality of publication should hit the niveau of summa cum laude. And short before that, I will begin to accumulate job-search experience. The aim is to determine where I can go right after defending my thesis in the early 2011.

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