Donnerstag, 10. Dezember 2009

Hey guys, thanks!

Last time there was really a LOT of turbulence in the work - too much politics, I would say, which has almost nothing to do with work. There was my mistakes contributing to the so much politics, but fair guys see I was not the only factor. I have confronted my mistakes seriously and learned a lot from that, and I will definitely concentrate on the upcoming work from now on. Politics stinks.

I know not everything would change even if you are determined to change, we have accept that. But ourselves are the only thing we can take control. Nothing else. Therefore I would keep myself busy with learning and work. Do my job good, all other sucks.

Thanks for your guys supporting, implicitly and explicitly, which make me stronger and more determined to pursue what I love. No matter where I shall be, you will be the ones I miss here in DKFZ!

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