Donnerstag, 25. Februar 2010

Politics is käse

I used to enjoy the atmosphere there, but not any more - at least not at any time, at any place. It stinks from time to time, and not everyone is happy with the fact that I was happy. At the beginning I thought the boss hears gossips easily and draws back his belief, but in the calm I feel rather pity or even sorry for him that he has to balance everything.

I don't need such kind of balance, I need a environment free of politics and disgusting personalities. I need straight words, clear ideas and hard-working attitude. Let all the other shity people and things away, let me please enjoy the time I have there.

Politics is käse, disgusting mentality is scheiße. Hard-working is normal, open talks are gifts. I desire fresh air there, and will look for it elsewhere if it can't be found.